Stay Ahead of the Industry

Getting ahead means disrupting the market. Leverage innovative technologies that help improve the way you do business, including proprietary solutions built with input from our members.



Face the industry’s toughest challenges together. Our members take an active role in helping us develop solutions that can transform your business.



Be more effective in your day-to-day operations with help from trusted advisors. Our team will identify new opportunities to drive efficiency and revenue.



Be ready for today’s digitally focused customers. Win at the digital mortgage game with professional support services, best-in-class providers and investors.

Our latest solutions include:

A holistic digital closing platform designed to accelerate your transition to eMortgages
  • Supports both hybrid and fully digital eClosings
  • 'White glove' support throughout planning, implementation and rollout
  • Exclusively available to L1 members
An innovative, cost-effective way to source, train and retain top talent
  • AI-powered solution identifies and engages passive candidates
  • Embedded acclimation, engagement and development programs
  • One member identified and hired 3 loan officers - adding $50M in annual production - in just 45 days

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